Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt


We are The Garage: where storytelling and technology collide to craft visually stunning brand stories. We are fueled by our unwavering passion for creativity and our relentless pursuit of innovation.

The Garage is a place to embrace your curiosity and play. It’s messy and we dig that. It’s a place for exploration and to try new things. We aren’t just a production company: we are a creative playground.

We believe that the art of storytelling knows no bounds. Our diverse team of skilled directors brings their unique perspectives and creative talents to every job, ensuring that our storytelling prowess shines through every genre.

We’re in the business of breaking barriers and innovating what’s next. Sometimes that’s using cutting edge technology. Sometimes it’s not. Whether we’re playing with LED Walls and the world of Virtual Production; we’re using our expertise to provide best-in-class Motion Control content; or we’re suggesting a reimagining of a script from a new perspective, we prioritize innovative storytelling above all else.

In this ever-evolving landscape, we celebrate the fusion of imagination, innovation, technology, and expertise. Join us as we continue to create unforgettable visual experiences that push the boundaries of storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.


From inception to completion, we’ve got you covered. Whether you require pre-production through post and finishing, or seek our expertise for specific aspects of your project, we are here to support your needs. Our services include:

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Motion Control
  • Special Effects & Rigging

We create custom solutions for each project, providing clients with resources developed and built for their specific needs. Our state-of-the-art production studios offer clients top-caliber facilities during all phases of the production process.


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Steve is the Founder and OG (Original Garager). He founded The Garage to push the art of tabletop cinematography forward and empower artists to create the most innovative work. He is a Director, DP, and Still Photographer with a side of Engineer.

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Executive Producer: n, v, adj., and direct object of all things production-related at The Garage. Can usually be found marinating in estimates and boards. Georgia-raised and SCAD alum to New York transplant, she enjoys baking the occasional pie for Garagers and living her best Brooklynite life at hot yoga.

  •  - With a background in line producing, agency producing, and post producing, John is known for his attention to detail, well-rounded experience, and positive energy. This NYU/Tisch School alum is typically busy making the impossible possible -- that, or he's spending quality time with his partner and fur baby Ralphie.


With a background in line producing, agency producing, and post producing, John is known for his attention to detail; well-rounded experience in production; and positive energy. This NYU/Tisch School alum is typically busy making the impossible possible -- that, or he's spending quality time with his partner and fur baby Ralphie.

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Matthew was raised in a DIY household in Atlanta: fixing, building, and improvising everything from plumbing to skateboard ramps. This DIY approach allows him to rethink the tools for solving visual and mechanical challenges. Matthew loves working with the crew at The Garage, where he speaks the same language of pneumatics, electronics, lighting, timing, and robotics.

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Carly is our Studio Operations Supervisor: if you have a question, she has the answer. From the studio's needs to back-end production details, she is the glittery grease of The Garage's gears. This SCAD alum also excels in fashion & lifestyle photography, and you also can find her scouring the city for the next best NY aura.

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With a well-rounded background in film production, Chris is The Garage's go-to for a wide variety of production needs. Whether it’s rigging, organizing, or managing other essential tasks, his unwavering enthusiasm and hard work make him an invaluable asset to The Garage's studio operations.

Green at the Garage

While we love what we do, we recognize that our industry takes a huge toll on our (only) planet. We’ve partnered with caterers, shelters, climate organizations, and scientists to minimize our carbon footprint... and we don't charge an arm and a leg to do it. Our sets are green but for the fraction of the price when compared to your standard “green set." Being green and doing good shouldn't be cost prohibitive. Our plans are fully integrated into the way we work already, because, well… we care. The impact is huge and the cost is small. 

            Green at The Garage is one of the first of its kind; 
        an initiative that holds us accountable with actionable
                       items that minimally affect the price tag.


Here are just a few things we’re doing:

  • Outfitted with water taps, we’ve eliminated single-use water bottles and utensils entirely.
  • We’re working with GoClimate to offset our carbon emissions on each and every shoot.
  • We’ve almost entirely eliminated food waste; partnering with local communities to feed those who need it most (and not our garbage cans!)
  • We offer an in-studio hydroponic garden that serves as a carbon-positive tool for our food stylists, and even nibbles for our clients and team.


Have questions? Please reach out to She’d really love to talk to you about it. 

The Studio

The Garage is a space like no other, built from the ground up as an innovation space. The 10,000 sq ft studio is fully-equipped for both photography and film shoots based in Brooklyn's Industrry City Complex. Complete with Virtual Production LED Wall, Full Effects workshop with Machineshop, and so much more.

Our on-site commercial kitchen has everything you could possibly need, making complex innovative brand shoots a breeze. Our kitchen is equipped with commercial-grade gas appliances, an Ansul hood, along with multiple refrigerators, freezers, a commercial dishwasher, baker’s racks, and every cooking tool or utensil you could possibly need.

We keep our kitchenette stocked with all sorts of snacks and drinks to make you, your crew, and your clients feel at home. The Garage also has a fully-functioning machine shop; prop room; client lounge areas; and lots and lots of cool gadgets (did we mention Robots?) Our space is there to meet the needs of even the most challenging of projects!