Steve Giralt

Steve Giralt


The garage is a technologically driven, visual innovation production company with a passion for making amazing visual brand stories. Fueled by our need to look at things differently and our out-of-the-box thinking, we are constantly pushing the art of visual storytelling forward.

At the garage we LOVE technology, but the story is always king. The story is what drives the technologies we create which can supercharge the stories we tell. When art and engineering come together, amazing things can happen.

Our process is unique, yet flexible. We can lead a job from creative inception all the way to the finish line, or only collaborate on a certain part of it. No matter our role, we bring our excitement for making cool visuals and our years of experience to every project.

We heart VFX supervisors and the incredibly complicated jobs that make your brain hurt. In this hybrid world where practical effects are constantly being merged with CGI, it’s important that we all speak the same language.

The garage is the place where we experiment, play, learn, and innovate. We make cool stuff in the garage!



Visual Engineer, Equal parts right and left brain, he is a Director, DP, with a side of Engineer. Tabletop storytelling is his absolute passion! He started his career as a still photographer shooting stills for big brands and magazines. Today, Steve is constantly building, making, creating, and generally doing something creative as he doesn’t really sit still.


Producer: n, v, adj., and direct object of all things production related at the garage. Can usually be found marinating in estimates and boards. Georgia raised and SCAD alum to New York transplant, she enjoys baking the occasional pie for gargers and living her best Brooklynite life at hot yoga.


Matthew was raised in a DIY household in Atlanta fixing, building and improvising everything from the plumbing to skateboard ramps. This DIY approach allows him to rethink the tools for solving visual and mechanical challenges. Matthew loves working with the crew at the Garage where he speaks the same language of pneumatics, electronics, lighting, timing, and robotics.


High-speed precision moves with perfect repetition are his passion in life. As the fastest camera robot in the world, he can tackle any motion control project you can imagine. He can often be found lifting weights in the studio, getting ready for the next project.


Often seen with a beer in his hand, Robbie functions as a light moving robot but can double as a model mover as well. As one of our fastest robots, he pairs well with Bob’s moves. Because he operates on the Flair software, he has the same sophisticated timing and movement.

Johnny 5

He is a collaborative fellow. Johnny is a kinder gentler robot and gets along with almost anyone, human and robot alike. He can often be found moving lights, drnks, or even backgrounds with his 22lb payload. An additional hand can be attached making Johnnie perfect for grabbing, stirring, moving, and long walks on the beach.


The garage is a state-of-the-art creative space located in Industry City in Brooklyn. The 10000 sq foot studio is fully equipped for both photography and motion shoots.

The commercial kitchen was designed with food stylists, for food stylists. The kitchen features all the kitchen tools needed for just about any food shoot. 

The garage also has a full functioning machine shop, prop house, two client lounge area, and lots and lots of cool gadgets. We are always ready to jump on the most challenging projects!